Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coach In Blade

Coach Brandon in the Maureen Fulton article in The Blade today:

"Any team that has a fifth-year quarterback and just won a championship, I can see them being picked," Brandon said. "I think the East is a pretty mixed bag. Hopefully if it comes down to the tiebreaker it will fall our way this time."
Let me get this straight. Hopefully, if there's a tiebreaker, it will fall our way? Are you kidding me? Boy, that's going to be quite a talk to get the guys ready for fall practice.

Akron won the East. Akron beat us. It wasn't the tiebreaker. Akron beat us. Also, we had the ball in the Rocket's territory in the final two minutes of regulation in a tie game, and didn't get a score, even with Omar at the helm.

So let's not act like we lost it on some technicality. And how about something like:

"If we can go to Akron and beat them like they beat us at our place last year, then beat Miami on our home field, I like our chances of winning the East outright."

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