Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updates from Sentinel

An AZZ reader posted the following update from the Sentinel, an excellent source of Falcon news, with no online presence at all. Anyway, his quotes, my comments in italics.

O-Line- Lichtensteiger at C, Markray and Lanning at G, Nystrom moves to LT and Huelsman takes over at RT. Patrick Watson is challenging Lanning at LG.

Increasingly, I think people are realizing this is the strength of our offense. If these guys give AT some protection, that will help a lot.

Injuries- [Marques] Parks recovery from a broken leg has been slowed by mononucleosis. He hasn't worked out for about two weeks. Nick Davis is also down with mono. "They'll be ready to go," Brandon said. Briggs is making a slow recovery from his broken foot. Finally out of the boot and doing some light running. Brandon is hopeful he will be ready to go against Wisc. Perry is no longer in school. "He's got a medical issue that he just wasn't able to overcome, " Brandon said.

Marques Parks is coming off a broken leg last season. We need him, so let's hope he's up and going by October 1, latest. Nick Davis showed a lot of promise last season in early reviews, and he is one of the young guys we really need, because he has at least a little experience. The Perry thing hurts. We only have three seniors on D, but there are also only two juniors, and with him gone, now it's one. Safety is not a strong position for us, and he made some athletic plays. I hope his medical situation is resolved, and perhaps he can eventually return to school and graduate.

Freshman- All 22 incoming frosh have been attending classes and workouts.


WRs- Brantley and Jones could be factors this year.

Hmm. Not good news, in my opinion. These guys have been passed over time and again, and wear the "underachiever" label. We knew we were young at WR, but offense requries an absolute butt-load of receivers, and this could indicate that the younger players aren't where we hoped.

Other- Bobby Thomas is out for academic reasons. Vincent Corner, a 5-9 200 lb freshman from Springfield North, is a possible RB candidate. He was second in the state 110 hurdles last spring.

Thomas was reported earlier. We need depth at RB (hence the talk about Corner), because last year's three top RBs are now out. That's a little misleading because Macon would have been a top three back if he hadn't redshirted. I look forward to seeing him perform. A lot will be on his shoulders. Our challenge is to move from the throwspread to the runspread, which we had with Josh.

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