Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring Game Today, Seems good for the offense

Well, it was a good day to have the ball. We only stayed for the first half--two hours of exhibition football was about enough. When we left at half-time, it was 45-35 at halftime! That's 11 TDs and one FG. Ouch. Since there was only one TD in the second half, we can only assume we decided not to run the score up on ourselves.

Omar was awesome after a slow start. The guys you know are going to be good were good. Omar, Sharon, Pope, Lane, Sanders. They absolutely shredded the field.

Some surprises.

Anthony Turner was very good. Not as good as Omar, but a perfectly competent player, and a potential All-MAC player. Nice arm, mobile, poised. The future does look bright.

We are not going to have any problems at receiver, either. R-Fr. Corey Partridge had 3 TDs, numerous key catches, and more than 100 yards. He reminds me of Cole--open across the middle, catches everyting near him, runs from there. He's going to be a player. At #3, he's dangerous.

The same is true of true Fr. Luke Alexander, who enrolled in school in January. He had some big plays, too. He's going to be a big one, too.

Derrick Lett had some nice catches, too. We're plenty deep at WR.

We only ran ponies (2-RBs) a couple of times. But we did, and put this is all caps, RUN ABOUT 10% OF OUR PLAYS UNDER CENTER!!! Amazing.

Dan Macon had some nice runs, too.

Now, there's two ways to look at the D. Certainly, lots of Ds are going to get lit up by our attack. But, they did seem pretty lost out there. We ran and passed, and both units did it. Its certainly worth worrying about. It was pretty one-sided.

OK, off the field. Let's look ahead to Wisconsin.

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