Saturday, April 02, 2005

Baseball Passion II

The follow up is in. I posted links to the article in a couple places to see what kind of reaction I would get. I did get a couple of thoughtful responses here (Thanks Steve) and on Red Reporter (see below). But I shouldn't be surprised. I posted the article in the place where people congregate who feel like I used to feel. This is probably proof that I changed and not the game. If you go to the second link and see the behaviors cited, you will see things that used to describe me each year.

Having said that, the responses range from "Hey, the Reds really have a chance this year" (take a second look at Eric Milton and Ramon Ortiz please), and the A's and Twins do it, why can't we? (How far have they gone in the playoffs?).

Anyway, my goal wasn't to shit on anybody's parade, I only wanted to express feelings that I don't think I hold alone. Thanks for reading.

Red Reporter Diary entry

Redszone thread

Tiger Blog thread from someone who listened.

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