Monday, April 25, 2005

Lions Day II

Left over joke from Day One. Its been a long time since I picked up two Trojans on a Saturday night! HA!


Sunday was Sunday. I think our guys did a good job with what was available to them. We traded to pick up an additional pick, and I think we did well with the guys we did get.

I like Dan Orlovsky. I've been pitching here for a big, Brady-sized development project, and he fits the bill. And I saw him shred the Rockets in the Motor City Bowl, so he has a warm place in my heart. I think he can learn as the 3QB. No guarantee he's going to make it, but I think its worth a shot. He could easily develop into a very solid West Coast Offense QB.

I also liked Bill Swanncutt of Oregon State. They say he's got a great motor (phrase of the day). He's an end who seems to have Spielman like playing ability. He may be the D-lineman for the Moneyball era...a guy without great measurables who can make plays and lots of them. In the late rounds, you either get average players who measure well, or great players who measure poorly. I'll take the latter.

Finally, we took Jonathan Goddard from Marshall. I saw Goddard play against us at the Doyt this year, and he was largely not a factor. I don't believe Goddard will ever be a force in the NFL.

Then, we pulled the trigger on a couple of other guys. We dumped Brock Marion and Az Hakim, and I'm glad for that. Losing Marion means we can finally give Terry Holt his chance to play. I believe he was badly underused last year, and I think he will turn into a player. I'm glad to have the way cleared. Az Hakim never panned out and wasn't healthy (to be fair). We certainly don't need him now.

UDFA review to come, but as of now, it really looks like our guys are ready to go. This team could make the playoffs.

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