Sunday, April 24, 2005

Day One Review

It looks good, I guess. I'm not too sure about whether we really addressed our priorities, but hey, let's take a close look.

When the Lions turn came, and Mike Williams was still there, I said to the people I was watching the draft with that there was no doubt in my mind we were going to pick Williams. I knew that we absolutely COULD NOT resist the temptation to pull the trigger on the guy Kiper (and many people) thought was the top pick in the draft.

OK, fine. Now, we can run a set with five linemen, Joey, Jones in the backfield, Polland at TE, Williams (2), and Rogers. That's some firepower.

Let me just raise a couple contrarian points.

First, if the coach doesn't have confidence in Joey, then I don't understand why we keep spending resources to get him (and get him and get him) more tools. This much is clear. There's no place for Joey to hide this year. With all the off-season stuff about dumping him, I just don't understand why we think he can execute this, and a crappy QB cannot succeed no matter how good his receivers are--and Joey was often inaccurate this year.

Second, I am very worried about the line. It won't help getting the ball downfield to Mike Williams if Joey is flat on his back. No, I know we didn't have many sacks last year--that's because we didn't ever throw the ball downfield. What's the point of having deep threats if you can't go deep to protect your QB---or your coach is so conservative that he doesn't want to take any risks.

I know, we are all stiff over Kyle Kosier because he started the last two seasons for the (wait for it) 49ers. Now, to be fair, I don't know if Rogers and Butler are farther along then I thought. Maybe all the pieces come together OK. But, I think we missed a chance to build the line.

How valuable, after all, is your #3 receiver. Especially when you already have a servicable Kevin Johnson. On the bright side, this does allow us to cut Az-Hakim, a failed experiment.

One last thing--did I read somewhere we are using the Colts' model of success? The one where they set tons of records and then get beaten by real football teams in teh playoffs. Just checking.

When the second round came up, I was screaming at the TV for us to pick Cody. Sadly, I meant Dan Cody. I couldn't believe he was still available. (Message to NFL owners--there is medicine for depression. Really. Lots of people use it).

I really thought we'd go to the edge to help the pitiful pass rush, but apparently we really liked the OTHER Cody, and we traded up to take him. This is a fine pick. Defense is where we needed help, along with the line, and he provides depth and a replacement for Big Daddy.

To be fair, Millen was right when he went and got Jones, so I trust him on this one. More sacks would be nice, though.

Finally, I really like Stanley Wilson. He looks like a very solid pickup and someone who can help us right away in nickel coverage. I wonder, since we re-signed Cash and Goodman, still have Bryant and Bly, and Keith Smith, how many CBs a team needs, but we should have such problems.

We don't pick again until the last round, so, in all likelihood, the hopes of getting a "project QB" is gone--or he will be a real project. Back in January I wrote on getting the next Tom Brady. Here was what I saw--especially in terms of bodies--a guy who has the size to be a QB.

9 David Greene + Senior Georgia 6'3 230
11 Derek Anderson + Senior Oregon State 6'6 240
12 Gino Guidugli + Senior Cincinnati 6'3 225
16 Jon Beutjer + Senior Illinois 6'5 225

Greene is already gone, and Anderson will be for sure. The last two might still be there.

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