Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Only Football Junkies Care...*Updated with real info*

about who their teams picks at as a UDFA. About two guys make the roster from the UDFAs, though normally not stars. The Lions site doesn't have any specific information but I have gleaned the following.

P Adam Anderson (Western Michigan).
DT Brandon Kennedy (Broncos) This guy is actually a regular FA from the Broncos.
OL Cory Procter (Montana).
PK Ryan Killeen (USC).
Michigan State tight end Jason Randall
BYU quarterback Todd Mortensen
Minnesota WR Paris Hamilton
Texas El-Paso running back Howard Jackson
Eastern Michigan offensive tackle Tom Kaleita
Utah WR Steve Savoy
Penn State safety Andrew Guman.
Ohio U Safety Chip Cox (who is a douchbag, as noted here previously.)

A better list may come out today. Still, its hard to imagine any of these guys making the team. Especially Douchbag Cox.

Update, here's the real list from the Lions.

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