Thursday, March 05, 2020

Spring Football Roster is out...

So, the football roster is out for spring practice.  Your intrepid blogger took some time to compare the end of season roster to the current roster.

The good news is that with the exception of one guy, there are not any new players other than the early enrollees we already knew about.  I say good because this is the time where we used to find out about JUCO players coming in...we're not recruiting that way anymore and I'm for it.

As for departures, there were 3 notable departures other than the ones we knew about...Hudson, Johnson, Dziengelewski, Loy.

The first was Konota Gaskins, a DB.  He was in the first Jinks/Loeffler transition class and played 3 games and red-shirted.

The other two are twins, Jake and Brad Papez.  They were in the full Jinks class.  Jake was a TE and Brad was on the o-line, both are from Missouri.  Jake played one game and Brad none in two seasons.

So, big picture this is a success to me.  We cannot afford attrition, but at the same time our staff has introduced a whole new level of expectations and I'm actually pleased we haven't lost more.  We aren't necessarily done.  Sometimes guys wait until spring practice is done and then see where they stand.

Anyway, all signposts on the road to getting the program back where we need to be.  It has not been easy and I'm not sure--in the words of Churchill--that we have gotten to the end of the beginning yet.

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