Sunday, March 22, 2020

Justin Turner Enters the Transfer Portal

While I can't say it's a surprise, the news is jarring.

Justin Turner has entered the transfer portal and will play elsewhere as a grad transfer.

I wish him nothing but the best.  He's been here four years, he's graduating, he's been an all-MAC player and one of our top scorers in history.  It's his life and he should be able to do what's best for him, just as any of us would.

I always thought grad transfer was more likely than entering the draft.  I hope he finds a good situation--other MAC players have done this and not really gotten minutes.  Wherever he is, I'll be rooting for him. 

So, it turns out when we watched him that last time on Senior was the last time.  REALLY the last time, not just the last time at the Stroh.  Who knew?

He finished with 1,595 points in 94 games....a 16.9 scoring average.  That leaves him the #7 scorer in our team's history and #10 in scoring average.

The six in front of him are Anthony Stacey, Keith McLeod, Howard Komives, Antonio Daniels, James Darrow and Charlie Share.  On that list are 2,415 NBA games, the NBA's first-ever draft pick and then add in 9 years for Anthony Stacey overseas.  It's a good group to be on and with another season he had a good shot to top the list.

He's also #7 in career 3-pointers.

He will be remembered for his clutch finishes to games.  It was such a thrill to watch the Falcons go to the high one-four and watch Turner go to work.

He is not only a great player, but by all accounts a great person as well.  (I have only met him to shake hands, but many people have commented on this).

Thanks for the memories Justin and thanks for being a Falcon.  You're a Falcon Forever.

He joins Frye, Laster, Sierra and Good as players who are graduating and moving on.  BG has three players signed to replace the three who were expected to go and the Falcons now have one spot open to go out and add a player.

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