Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Signing Day Presser--UPDATED

Coach Loeffler had his presser following signing day...I said earlier that these things were usually pretty coachspeaky, and this one mostly was, but there were some nuggets of information.

First, unrelated to anything, thank god we aren't showing those lame highlight videos anymore.

So, the news.

First, the best comedy moment was related to Levi Gazarek.  Apparently, it was the middle of the night, the coaches were watching TE recruit films instead of going to the convention.and everyone was half asleep and like 52 people in they saw Levi playing QB.  The coaches were like, hey, that guy's an athlete and you could make him a TE and you could even wildcat him...

Loeffler asks...where is the kid from?

Someone tells him North Baltimore.

He says he launched into a tantrum about how we were recruiting a four-hour area....until someone informed him that North Baltimore is like 15 minutes from Bowling Green.

<<pulls collar>>

So they all piled in a car soon after and went to see the family.  When it was legal.

My note:  Levi Gazarek has a shot to be a very good player for us.  I imagine that allowing him to play baseball helped us win the day over MSU and Maryland.

OK, back to the presser.

Loeffler was asked about the February signing day and whether BG would get anyone additional in.  He said that was still to be determined.  He said there were some things you could do..."all legally"...where you could bring additional people in and we would be working every angle to get numbers up.

He also said that we have 7 players coming in for the winter semester, which is a lot.  Tucker Melton is one, and if the names of the others are available, I have not seen them.

He does not plan to bring in a grad transfer QB.  Keller or Melton will be the backup.

BG ended up with the #3 class behind UT and WMU.  Of course, the real results will be on the field.

Our vision is for a sustainable program.  He has this "to the moon" thing, which is a little meh but he doesn't have to motivate me, so who that a row the boat?  Anyway, the point is...and we can all agree on he wants to build the program the way it needs to be built and make sure "the place never goes back to the situation we are currently in."

Amen brother.

My opinion:  all we want as fan is to be consistently competitive and mix in championships...not every year, but we want to be in the conversation every year.  I can't talk about how inspiring this is to me as an alum and a fan.

The position break out is below.  The key is we still need 5 more OL and DL in the next class...have to win up front...which I agree 100% with.  You cannot win in the MAC without being strong up front.

He certainly kept his word.  That's 20 out of 27 from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

He said he spoke to a "dear friend" woke him up...gave him some ideas.  Among them:  read for a half-hour and write for a half hour in the morning.  Have great habits.  Work out in the season and in the offseason.  "At times as a leader I didn't measure up. and that's going to change."

He wouldn't say who it was.

Anyway, I 100% agree with where he is leading the program and how he is doing it.  And, this class is evidence of what it can be.  Whether we get there or not...that's an open question.  But we have a guy who's living and dying with his chance to prove he can do this and I'm behind it.  I love the Clawson-like approach and I love the kind of people he seems to have recruited.  And I love the vision.

There's a road ahead.  I believe in where we are going.

Late Addendum.  Clearly, the efforts to increase our numbers are extensive and creative.  For those who wonder about what a blue shirt is...check here.

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