Monday, December 02, 2019

Loy to Transfer

NickP of The Blade on the beat early for a Monday morning.  I doubt if this is the last time we do this...Grant Loy is going to transfer.

As in all cases, Grant should be where he wants to be.  It's his life and I wish him nothing but the best.

We owe him thanks.  No doubt, he wasn't the greatest QB we ever had, but we were lucky to have him and he played through one of the program's most challenging seasons.  He's a survivor and a Falcon for life.

And a legend.  Seriously, a legend.  The UT-BG rivalry has not had a more unlikely upset or a more unlikely hero, but there it is.  He took BG to an enormous upset in the biggest win here since 2015 and breaking the rivalry drought.

You can understand his thinking.  Coach said that McDonald won the job in Fall camp and he will be eligible and will be expected to start.  BG will have 2 3-star QB recruits coming in as well.  Best case, Loy would expect to back McDonald up...though redshirt rules make that less likely than in the past.  BG had talked about moving him to TE, but apparently he wants the chance to do something else and that's his prerogative.  He's graduating and I hope he gets the most out of his graduate education.

The moment he helped give us--that sunny day, with half of his hometown in the stands--will not be forgotten.

Be well, Grant.


Schadenfreude said...

The Legend of Grant Loy. Well said.

Paul said...

He will always be remembered.

Flip said...

Good luck and God speed to Grant Loy...he will go down in history aslong with Andy Sahm as QB's who came out of nowhere to spank tsun