Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sadness Accrues

BG fell to 1-2 with a loss to Louisiana Tech 35-7, at home.  La Tech is a G5 team...not a power conference team, and you'd like to think you'd have a chance under those circumstances, but instead it ended up 35-7 with the Bulldogs in victory formation on the BG 1.

It's odd though.  It wasn't like BG was completely outclassed.  What it was was a situation where BG capitalized on none (only one) of their opportunities of which there were a big number.  So it wasn't like we couldn't play with them...but then again, 35-7.

The issue was the offense.  More on the defense later, but the offense just missed a huge number of opportunities.  Loeffler said BG should have scored 50 points.  That's a wow, and you're going to say, no, come on, but the math is that BG had four 

Let's take a couple examples.

Early 2Q.  BG is down 14-7 and gets a blocked punt and starts at the LaTech 29.  Obviously, this is a huge opportunity to tie the game.  There's a nice crowd, momentum switching play.  BG converts a 3rd and 6 from the 8 and ends up with 4th and goal from the 2.  BG then ran a WR pass to the QB...a Philly Special that Loeffler says they have practiced since the first day of camp but did not execute "AT ALL."  Turnover on downs.

Four plays later, LaTech scored to go up 21-7.

Early 3Q.  Still 21-7.

LaTech pinned BG on its 1 after the opening possession of the half.  No one was too optimistic about our chances here, but BG put together what would amount to their best drive of the season.  They look 17 plays, converted four third downs and matriculated down the field to get into scoring position.  BG threw a lot of short passes and had a nice rhythm.  There were 6 minutes left in the quarter when BG had a 4th and 4 from the 8.  Loeffler said LaTech did just what they wanted and they mad Morris with leverage and got him the ball and it was right is hands and then it was on the ground.  From where I was, I couldn't see if it was dropped or deflected, but either way, it was a second red zone turnover on downs.

Defense gets a three and out and BG gets a nice punt return from Jake Rogers and the Falcons start on the 39 of LaTech.  BG converted a 4th and 2 from the 8 and then missed on a 3rd and goal on the 8 and this time decided to go for the FG.  I was thinking, if we had made FGs on those earlier drives and this one, its a one score game.  But Needham missed the 25 yard FG.

Next drive, LaTech fumbles on their second play.  BG started on the LaTech 36, took a false start and eventually lost the ball on downs again after making one yard.

That's the 3rd Quarter.  BG threatening to score the whole way and getting nothing.  LaTech scored on their first drive of the 4th quarter and that was essentially all she wrote.

So, what happened.  As with any offense, anyone will look at the QB first.  Coach mentioned that there were at least 3 times where it was a read option run and Wade kept the ball when he should have handed.  He also said that beyond the missed red zone opportunities, there were three "shot" plays when LaTech "busted the coverage and there was no one from here to Detroit" to the receiver and the plays were this case, meaning the ball was never thrown there.

Wade was 18 of 38, just under 50% and only 171 yards for all those attempts.  It ended up with 9.5 per completion.  There was a 59 yard run and catch for Morris, so the other 17 netted just 112 yards. He also threw a pick 6.  Those are just the facts.  We're lucky we have Wade, to be honest.  Let's hope they can continue to work with him to upgrade.

Wasn't just him.  BG ran the ball 49 times for 119 yards, which is 2.5 yards per carry and not good at all.  That's on the line and the backs.  Jones started and ran 13 times for 48 yards, then was gimpy at one point and I don't think was back.  Clair was 11 for 11 and Denley had 6 carries for 11. Wade 12 for 46.

They used Clair in an unusual fashion.  Jones started and then they brought Clair in for the key plays in the drive after the blocked punt.  Clair played into the 3rd and was carrying in the 4th when the game was over, which is unusual for a guy who was injured for K-State and then not starting in this one.  It was just odd.  I'd think you'd have started Clair and then used Jones in the short yardage end zone look after the fake punt.  

A couple other notes.  On the 4th downs, Coach Loeffler said that BG is going to go on 4th downs.  They have a formula, but basically the stats show that teams go for it on 4th way too rarely.  You can google it, it is all over the place, but you can expect to see more of that this year.  And we missed a 25-yard FG.

Lastly, a note on 3rd downs.  BG was 6 of 21 on 3rd down.  But, four of those conversions came on the 99 yards drive.  There were 2 the rest of the game.

BG was 1 of 5 on 4th down.

More on the defense to come.

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