Monday, September 09, 2019

Loeffler Presser

Loeffler presser was today.  Only lasted 7 minutes...and only a couple of news items inside a bunch of stuff you'd more or less expect a guy in his position to say.

He said that BG "left" 230 passing yards left on the field.  This is something I have never heard a coach say before.  Plenty of time coaches have said we left yards on the field, but they have never admitted to going back and adding up what would have happened if...well...something else had happened.  There were a bunch of throws behind WRs who were open and/or were dropped in some way.  I guess at that point you try to figure out how far the guy might have run.  ETC.

And let there be no doubt.  You put those 230 yards back in play and it's a different game.

No update on Andrew Clair.  He will make a different Saturday in what is a winnable-ish game.

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