Sunday, September 08, 2019

Bleeding Kansas Part II

So, Saturday the game in the Little Apple was exactly what was probably anticipated.  Kansas State rolled over BG easily, winning 58-0.  BG was last shut out by Virginia Tech in 2012.

No reason to dig into the numbers, they look the way you would think.  BG had 5 first downs and ran only 44 plays.  The Falcons were 0 for 11 on third down.  Meanwhile, K-State had the ball over 40 minutes and averaged 6.8 yards per play.  They scored the first 7 times they had the ball.

Again, this was not unexpected.  Bowling Green is rebuilding its program, is short on players and short on developed players and looks to have a challenging season in our own conference...this one was essentially impossible to ask.

A couple of notes.

It was a bad day for another reason, in that BG found out that Matt McDonald will not be eligible this year.  Coach Loeffler discussed it after the game and said that it is clear the waiver thing is broken, regardless of the McDonald decision.  It's just hard to see any consistent pattern in the decisions and the time it takes to make them.

So, moving on, BG is left in an incredibly precarious position.  First, Loeffler said that McDonald won the job in training camp, which means we are already down to the #2 QB.  About Wade...we have seen him once where he was effective if not great in a game where the opponent was overmatched and we saw him struggle a lot in a game where we were overmatched. 

Remember that he had not played in a long time and could still be getting his feet under him.  The hope is that he comes around for the MAC season and is more effective.

And stays healthy.  It's just Loy behind him and then a couple walk-ons on the roster.  I saw somewhere that Loeffler said that they have some Wade/Loy sets, but don't want to risk Loy getting injured.  Wade should be careful about running, too.  And when he crosses the street.

Similarly, BG has depth issues at RB.  Andrew Clair was a DNP with a foot injury.  It is only the third game he has missed at BG, but he does seem to have lingering issues with injuries.  Having said that, I don't think there was any sense in playing him on Saturday.  At one point, I heard on the radio broadcast that Jones was having trouble with his foot...after that and Denley you are talking walk-ons...Nigel Sealey got carries.  He's from Philly, played at Albright College, which is DIII.  He was an all-public school RB in Philly and is a junior.

Speaking of which, Rodell Rahmann earned the start at WR for BG.  He is from Columbus, played safety and WR at Urbana before coming to BG.  He had a 34-yard reception that accounted for 24% of BG's total offense.  He's a R-JR.  Not sure what was going on with the start, but it could indicate that BG hasn't been thrilled with their scholarship WRs.

Anyway, that one is over.  BG has only one more payday game on the schedule.  I didn't hear anything about any serious injuries, so that's good--and sometimes you don't hear until later.  Louisiana Tech will present a much more reasonable challenge on Saturday.

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