Sunday, September 15, 2019

Past and Future Opponent Land

Morgan State (0-2) Lost to #2 JMU
Kansas State (3-0) Won at Mississippi State
Kent (1-2) Destroyed by Auburn
Notre Dame (2-0)--Blew out New Mexico, New Mexico State, or maybe both
Toledo (1-1) Beat Murray State
CMU (2-1) Handily beat Akron 35-24
WMU (2-1) Blew out--57-10-- the Georgia State team that beat Tennessee
Akron (0-3) Lost to CMU rather easily
Miami (1-2) Lost to UC
Ohio (1-2) Lost to Marshall 33-31
Buffalo (1-2) Lost to Liberty 35-17

Big news was EMU beat Illinois.  Three years in a row for them with a Big Ten win, and the 14th straight year that MAC has a win in the series.  MAC was 1-5 against G5 opponents

East vs. West:  1-0 West
MAC vs P5:  (1-14)
MAC vs. G5:  (2-6)
MAC vs. FCS: (10-0)

James Morgan is injured and DNP.

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