Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Game Report

So the Spring Game is in the books.  BG still has a week of practice upcoming to get ready for summer workouts.  This "game" was held in the Perry Field House due to the awful weather so a lot of things were limited.  No one got injured, which is a primary goal.

The format was that the defense was spotted 27 points and the offense tried to catch up on 4, 10-minute running clocks.  The offense did not catch up.  Had last season been played under similar circumstances, BG would have been 9-3.

Jarrett Doege had a limited, but good to nearly perfect day.  All signals point to him continuing to improve, which is obviously a key element to the team being better on offense.

You might have seen a completed pass to a Justin Sawmiller.  Like me, you might have asked, "who is Justin Sawmiller?"  He's a senior who actually played one year at UC.  The Blade had noted in the preview that BG would be playing a lot of depth at WR due to health issues with Phoutavong, Morris and Guyton.  Coach said WR depth was a key reason why BG couldn't divide into 2 true teams.

Also, The Blade noted that long-time defensive player Jack Walz has moved to WR.

Coach said that the offense is now focusing on "the little things" which would seem to indicate that they are happy with where things stand.

Taborn and Labus also did not play.  As I have noted, I think the offensive line is the primary remaining question mark on the offense and could be a limiting factor.

As for the defense, Coach said that the defense is playing fast and running to the ball.  However, they have been "throwing a lot of things at them" and there is work to be done on the scheme type stuff.

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