Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jamari Rouse Transfers

So, this news on twitter this morning, Jamari Rouse has announced he is transferring from Bowling Green.  He is a d-lineman from Florida who red-shirted last season.  He was a 3-star recruit when BG signed him and was ranked as the #7 DT in Florida.

I have no idea how this was working out or what is up.  We have new defensive coaches.  He had options out of HS.  And, at least in basketball, we don't see guys willing to serve apprenticeships.  There may be other reasons, too.  He's a long way from home.

In any event, this is his life and his call.  Best of luck to him.

It does come at a position where retention has been a big issue for the Falcons and from that standpoint, it will make things more difficult.

Finally, if you look at the tweet and he actually posted an image of his release letter from BGSU.  Essentially, he is free to go to any school we don't play next year or that isn't in the MAC.  Interesting to see.


NWLB said...

It is a case by case thing, but I'm increasingly unsympathetic or feeling gracious to kids that bail on their commitments.

I'm sure most of these kids are not taught how to fulfill their commitments in life by their parents, or even to be utterly mercenary. Never the less I think there should means to restrict or be more punitive towards those that make their choices and then go back on them. Again, case by case.

Jane Allison said...

Actually the NCAA is moving towards making the transfer rule even less restrictive. There are proposals in committee that will make the process easier not harder. Schools may no longer have to grant a release and they won't be able to restrict where the player transfers to. So I suspect you will see even more transfers in the future.

Orange said...

Jane that is the direction things are definitely heading. I believe sitting out a year may go away as well.

NWLB said...

Nothing good comes from this. The general topic.

There is an other side to the story surely, coaches can become tyrants, there isn't a lack of abuse of players trust and expectations.

Maybe it would be for the best for higher ed in general if the major schools left entirely and the rest could cut things down to the bone and force these people back to playing sports.