Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Matt Wilcox Suspended Indefinitely from Team

So, the news out today, first in The Blade, that Matt Wilcox has been suspended indefinitely from the BG Football program.  He was involved in a well-publicized fight on Spring Break, was already suspended and then there was another incident this weekend, according to The Blade.

Wilcox graduated early from HS and was in BG last spring.  He played in all 12 games for the Falcons, making 3 starts.  He made 14 catches for 1 score and returned 21 kickoffs.  He was definitely considered a future star for the Falcons, though he has been absent through Spring Ball due to the suspension.

I don't really get too involved in commenting on discipline issues, except to say that I think that BG should be a place that wins the right way.  I'm in favor of second chances but I'm not in favor of people abusing the system.  Everything from Coach has indicated that he is good at this part of his job, including the relative scarcity of similar events.

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