Monday, September 25, 2017

Jinks Presser: Parity, sweet parity

Coach Jinks had a relatively interesting presser today.  There were certainly some things to talk about.

First, on the QB.  Doege will start against Akron, no surprise there.  Coach liked the way he extended plays with his mobility and that his progression through his reads was very good.  He made mistakes...not being under center enough and improper depth on his shotgun snaps.  But he can clean those things up.  At one point he was 20-27 and he was doing it with essentially no running game.

Speaking of which.  Big issues with the o-line.  We have a lack of quality depth at o line.  If there was a Doege-like FR on the o line, they would be putting him into the game.  My point here--that's not a good sign.  We don't have anyone better now.  One guy is Caleb Bright, who needs to get in.  He struggled earlier but so have the guys who took his place.  Coach said Ryan Hunter has a high skill set but has struggled making the transition to LT.

Also, we are losing too many 1-1 on both side of the ball on the outside--WR and CB.  Also not a good thing.  Especially disappointing at WR.  CB it could have been expected.

He also said that we don't have the corners to play press man coverage, which leaves us with two off and let a QB get into a rhythm with completed passes, or play up and give up a big play.  He called it "robbing Peter to pay Paul."  This is made worse by the "look" system where the plays come from the press box and matchups can be exploited, like on MTSU's long pass to the RB.

In that respect, he's clearly looking forward to MAC play.  Mentioned that a few times.  That's because of parity.  Don't you know?

He agreed that we need to get some wins to help recruiting and to keep the momentum going on re-stocking the roster.

He reiterated that we're close with a long litany of last year's almost-won MAC games and by citing our turnover margin and special teams play.

Which is all well and good.  (Me now).  We might be the only 0-4 team in the country with a positive turnover rate.  and yes, the special teams are good.  On the other hand, you have said that your Oline is about as good as it is likely to get, you have coverage issues at CB and your WRs aren't doing what you expected.  Not sure how close that sounds, though parity is coming.

We are relatively healthy.


Unknown said...

My question is what isn't the line getting? No push off the line, got it, no holes, got it, but I also have seen blitz's consistently with an empty backfield, overloaded boxes (like 8 vs 5) with an empty backfield. Maybe some of our plays called should either have a time out called to match up or audible out of. Know time outs aren't being called but don't know about audibles.

Anonymous said...

The receivers is not the problem if yu look at the stats to start the season the pass plays have gone 95perecent to the right side of the field tightend doesn't get the ball in this terrible scheme. Stop blaming players it's coaching.the O IS NOT HARD TO STOP IT'S HIGH SCHOOL.

Unknown said...

That's my point. The coaches should be coaching and giving pointers or teaching them how to handle certain situations yet it doesn't appear to be the case. I understand that the oline is having issues but it doesn't seem to be getting better, that's coaching. Maybe, just maybe instead of putting it on the kids Jinks should be looking at who's not teaching these kids

Anonymous said...

Jinks come on I thought you were a college coach. You can't blame your corners for giving up big pass plays. If your D-line not putting any pressure on the Qb and he's just sitting in the pocket the Qb is going to to make plays. As coaches you have to find different ways to attack your opponents O to take pressure off your corners. Real coaches don't play the BLAME GAME THEY BRING THEIR TEAM TOGETHER AS ONE.

Orange said...

I actually agree, too. They also can't defend against a 3-man rush sometimes. You do expect to see improvement and you haven't seen it yet. We shall see now that the "parity" increases.