Thursday, September 07, 2017

Injury Report

So from Thomas Schmeltz at the Sentinel, here's the BGSU injury report.  No big surprises.  Taborn was injured warming up for MSU and doesn't appear to have a long-term issue.  Aaron Banks was injured in the MSU game.  There's another tweet, Bozeman had surgery on his hip and his season is over.

Obviously, we miss starters when they are out.  Having said that, I felt like Caleb Bright did a credible job on the oline and Posey did well in the Banks spot.  You definitely want to create the kind of program where you have depth and guys who can step up.

From a big picture, BG is on the healthy side of the equation to date, especially coming out of a game with a Big Ten team.

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Unknown said...

That has always been a concern of mine when playing big 10 schools, it seems like we get players injured, with no depth. It will be nice to see little drop off in talent due to depth.