Monday, September 11, 2017

Jinks Presser: Damn Right I do.

Let me tell you this.  As I said on twitter this afternoon, if there are some wins, I think a fan base could fall for Coach Jinks.

He was asked by Jordan Strack of WTOL if he understood why the fans were frustrated.  He said the is (pretty much) the text version.

They should be frustrated.  That's what a fan is.  I'm frustrated when I watch the Cowboys.  That's what I want.  That's what we want.  I talked with Moose about that last night.  I want these fans blowing up my twitter.  That's what should be happening.  We want this community involved in BG football.  We want them passionate.  When you ask me do I understand their frustration, damn right I do.  And I don't want it any other way.  Period.

Wow.  Honestly, a guy who can talk like that starts racking up wins, I think this whole thing turns around.  This is a guy you could follow into battle.

He's right.  The worst thing is apathy.  When people don't care anymore.  You know a good example?  Men's Basketball.  That's the death of the program.  The irony is that what caused the apathy in the MBB program was keeping an ineffective (but honorable) coach two years longer than was needed to know he wasn't going to turn it around.  See?

Jinks wants high expectations...has said that all along...and you have to admire that.  Still, you have do more than talk.

Other things from today's presser...

There were two huge special teams mistakes but "those are easy to fix."  (Tell that to Gregg Brandon).

He said the defense showed a lack of focus and "eye discipline," particularly in the "back end."  They had some big plays on wheel routes when the safeties didn't have their eyes on the right thing.  On a play to play basis, BG played "pretty decent" defense but gave up some explosive plays, "and those plays count, too."  Those have to be eliminated.

He said the offense did some good things.  Big game for Teo Redding.  Ran the ball decently, though there were struggles for both players at G.

He thought Morgan improved as the game went on, which is a pretty PR way to put it.  Coach cited a play he threw a pick on in the first half that he executed in the second.

It isn't back to the drawing board.  We just "gotta have touchdowns."  And he's right about that.  Whether we can figure out how to make that happen and stop committing penalties....that's a bigger test.

He said that the officials were calling a lot of penalties and his players didn't adjust.  Also, he seemed to think that the call on the goal line to Wilcox was the right call.

He had lapsed a little into that "one play here, one play there" stuff and Strack was having none of it.  "When playing an FCS team at home," the question went, "one play shouldn't matter."

Jinks conceded the point.  "You want to dominate the FCS opponent.  We want the win.  We'd like to win by 40.  This is where we are right now."

He was asked about the RBs.  It is no secret that none of these guys are setting the world on fire.  He said he doesn't want RB by committee.  He wants one guy to get a rhythm going.  He says the backs know...if someone gets hot, they are staying in the game.  No one has stood out to date.

OK, one last thing.  After the "damn right" speech, he was asked what he could do to turn it around.

"Win games.  Stay the course.  Continue to build...."

That's what we are left with.  As noted, if he can get this team winning, I think he could reach all-time levels of fan affection here, just for being the guy he appears to be.  Sadly, there's no evidence right now that's going to happen right now.

Oh other thing...Taborn and Banks could be back this week.  That would help.

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joel said...

Bang on!
I love his honesty, accountability and desire...if we can get the wins he would be our guy and we would love him! Let's also not forget, there has been so far, a pretty dramatic decrease in player issues in the police blotter from the Babers days. He's doing everything we would want a coach to do...except win. If there was a coach who would stick with us until we made it to a New Year's Day bowl, I think it would be Coach Jinks. I'd love to see him do that. But damn, we need to start showing some improvement soon.
I'll be in Evanston on Saturday rooting him and the team on, but we need to compete from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.
Go BG!
Joel, 1990