Saturday, September 02, 2017

East Lansing: The Offense

Most of what I saw on the offense is in the post I put up right after the game....

Bottom line, BG got two big turnovers early and only got 3 points out of it.  I know that I consistently watch our coaches, but I honestly felt like they had a game plan and it was working.  The game plan was to attack the MSU corners and it was working.  Guys were open, but Morgan missed the throw most of the time.  When he didn't, there were drops.  But, mostly he missed open throws, which tells me the game plan was effective and the players couldn't complete it.

Anyway, all the negative stuff has been covered.  There were some positives.

First, while BG's starting RBs were contained very effectively, Andrew Clair and Matt Domer had some effectiveness.  Clair was effective when the game was still in play and Domer was a little more in the garbage time but still important for him coming off injury.

Clair was 4 for 22 yards.  He also had a 32-yard kickoff return and two special teams tackles.  True freshman to keep an eye on.

Domer was 4 for 21, so effective.

In both cases, depth at RB is important.  There are injury issues, and you never know who is going to get hot.  Both Wilson and Cleveland could be kind of specialty backs.

Matt Wilcox had a grab, he's also a true FR.

The newest receiver was Datrin Guyton.  MSU had nobody who can handle him deep and he could have set records if Morgan delivered the ball to him.  The Spartans were playing him very physically/interfering, but he was able to get open deep (and I felt that the game was called consistently).  I like the opportunities that will present themselves if we can get him the ball.  He did, also, drop a couple.

Tabor hurt his shoulder warming up and Caleb Bright stepped up to start on the line.  I thought the line struggled to create space for the run (no huge surprise) but did a nice job on pass protection, overall.

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