Monday, March 13, 2017

WTOL: Hluchoweckyj and Worrell to Leave Program

Well, some not great news from the men's basketball front, as reported by Jordan Strack of WTOL.

Hluchoweckyj is not a huge surprise.  He was hardly playing at all, made some starts following the suspension for the OU game.  Then, his minutes slowly dwindled until he did not play in 4 of the last 5 games.  He was the only Jans recruit who stayed with the program and he scored 39 career points.  He is from Nebraska.

Rasheed Worrell is a little more disappointing.  He red-shirted during the Jans year and then played during the Huger years.  He's 6'8" and gave the team important depth on the inside.  He started 28 games last year and then none this year, averaging 5.8 ppg and 4.2 RPG in 17 average minutes.  I always felt he had the ability to be, at least, a strong reserve for a team that is starved for inside players, but apparently it didn't work out.  He is from North Carolina.

Anyway, that leaves the men's basketball team with 5 returning scholarship players...Wiggins, Fox, Frye, Caldwell, and Lillard to go with the recruits and redshirts who are returning.  Fox will be the only senior.  Even before, next year was setting up to be a tough year and this will only make it more difficult.

There is time for Coach Huger to bring in even more new players or at least a player.  The key thing you would point to would be a graduate transfer, if available.  One of the reasons that this year's team was looking to be tough was that the recruiting had stopped kicking the can down the road with JUCO players.  Maybe that will change now.

Anyway, best to Rasheed and Malik.


https// said...

Bummer ... Jans delivered a glimmer of hope, yet it seems to be a deep rut without much traction.

Anonymous said...

I do not expect that we will greatly miss either player. Worrell is at best a backup who rebounded some, could not shoot and fouled too much. There was likely already a better option in Uju if he was not hurt and one of the new bigs coming in should at least adequately provide replacement value.

Orange said...

I agree. Still, at least he had some playing experience, which none of those guys do and Wiggins sometimes has trouble playing enough D to stay on the court. One thing is for sure: he's no use if he doesn't want to be here.