Thursday, March 02, 2017

Valdez to Transfer from BG Football

So, bad news for the BG Football program, as starting MLB Austin Valdez has decided to graduate and be a 5th-year transfer elsewhere in college football.

This is a difficult blow.  The defense had enough issues as it was last year and this just makes it more difficult for a team that has a very tough schedule and is attempting to claw its way back to respectability with question marks in the program leadership.

Trent Greene also left, so BG has pretty big gaps at LB to fill.  The heir apparent would be Nate Locke, who has been in the rotation for a couple years but has never had to carry the burden on his own.  Valdez was hurt much of last year, so there was PT for the next level of players.  BG returns 6 starters on defense.

I wish Valdez the best.  It is his life and he has to do what is right for him.  I don't like the graduate transfer rule, but it exists and he should be able to go to school where he wants.  Coaches get to go when they want, I get to go where i want, it seems reasonable that a player could do something like this too.

He was a great Falcon.  First-team All-MAC as a junior on a championship team, 222 total career tackles and 13 TFL.  He played in 37 games total over his 3 playing seasons.

So, best of luck Austin.  You're always a champion in BG.


unique2008 said...

Nate Locke carried the whole load the last 4 games of the last season and the defense played much better. Nate Locke was originally recruited by Elcko and trust me, he will carry this defense! He is very capable you just wait and see.

Orange said...

Well, those were also our weakest opponents and two of them were using people at QB who played other positions. I hope Nate has a great year.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the time of games played vs time played is but I figure minutes played are less for non starters vs starters, a given. I mention this after looking at Nate's figures over his career at BG. One thing can be said is that even as a non starter he has been in most games but has been quite consistent on his play year over year and for 3 years. Last year he had 28 total tackles most solo. But he also did similar numbers, as a backup, in his first and second year too. Thus he played against less than equipped, weak, teams playing nonQBs vs teams playing QBs. One thing I did notice him do was cut off the end of the line. One area we have struggled mightly over on D was and has been plays that went around the ends is sweeps etc. Nate seemed to follow those plays causing a disruption in the play whether taking on the blockers so someone else had a free shot at the runner or made the tackle himself. I think he's a player and given the chance will produce one way or another.