Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sentinel on Transfer Rumors

We are all getting a lot of information on transfer rumors.  The site has noted three and others are bouncing around.  We have not reported them here because I don't believe something just because I saw it on the Internet.  Might be true, just need something more.  So, Thomas Schmeltz of the Sentinel had the above.  We remain in a watch, wait and hope mode.  If the worst happens, the fallout from that night on the town by Chris Jans will be one of the most impactful single events in our program's history...if not the most impactful.  Let us hope for the best.

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GoFalcons said...

It seems like it's just a question of paperwork. Saying nobody has asked is like Kevin Bacon yelling "All is well!" As long as Rasheed Worrell is staying we should be fine. When a program gets completely blown up this is what happens. The big question is what happens with the 13 scholarships after everything shakes down. Huger has gone on record saying he doesn't want to sit on scholarships.