Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Falcons Select Starting QB

Good to his word, Coach Babers announced who his starting QB will be heading into the Fall.

And that QB is Matt Johnson.  This is about a 0% surprise.  You've seen Johnson start for a year and Knapke start for  year, so you know what you have there, and Nicholas hasn't really played anywhere after HS....you saw Callaway last year, too, and Morgan isn't here yet.

So, Johnson is the guy.  We only saw him play Falcon Fast for one game, but he's certainly the guy who has the best track record and the best chance of helping the team win.  Let's not forget how good he was in the championship season...as we think about WKU, and then the whole "theft" issue with Burbrink.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Knapke and Nicholas will be back ups.  Despite all the talk about Callaway sacrificing his redshirt year last year, I would expect him to join Morgan in red-shirting for the season.

(FYI the last time we had a big QB announcement, it was that Schilz would start over Johnson and that lasted about five plays, so you know....stay tuned and all)


Ken said...

Any word on whether Matt will get a medical redshirt due to last year>

Orange said...

It is a good question. I'm unsure what the rules are. If you look at the Bryan Thomas case, he applied at the end of his fifth year for the sixth year so I would assume Matt would have to do it the same way.

WatchThis said...

You have to wait til your eligibility is up before you can apply

Ken said...

Thanks for clarification WatchThis. :-)

Very glad to have both Bryan Thomas and Zach Colvin back this year as well!

Orange said...

Agreed. With the defensive losses those guys will be key.