Monday, April 13, 2015

BG MBB Signee Re-Opens his Recruiting--UPDATED

The first recruiting implication of the Jans firing occurred sometime Monday, when Jamir Andrews, a JUCO transfer from Sheridan College in Wyoming announced that he was re-opening his recruitment.  Signing opens up on Wednesday.

Andrews had actually signed (it was more than a commit), so I am assuming he asked to be released from his NLI and he was.

This post is being written on Monday night, BG has an interim Coach and the AD working on this.  It is natural for players to want to look around and in general I don't blame them.  I'd like to think that you pick a school for a lot of reasons--and I guess you do--but the Coach is a really big one and we have to be honest, if it wasn't for basketball Jamir Andrews isn't going to college at BG.

With signing opening Wednesday, Andrews will have to get to work.  BG had one slot open and now has two.

Here is what I wrote when he committed.

I have not seen anything public about the other two signees.


I have some additional information on how BG is handling this situation.  Obviously it is difficult, because you want the young men to come to BG but you don't want to be the heavy hand. And you don't want someone here who isn't committed to being here.

To that end, BG has given Jamir a "Permission to Contact" release, which gives him the opportunity to talk with other schools, something a student-athlete who has signed an NLI would not typically have the freedom to do. Once we have a new coach and he has the opportunity to meet and talk with him, if Jamir feels that he wants out of his NLI at that time, BG will address it then.

I think BG fans should be comforted to know that while we are in this "in between" period, BG has a process in place for returning players and NLI signers to explore opportunities and yet still give the new Coach a chance to share his vision before anything final is done.  No one wanted to be in this situation and you just have to make the best of the situation that actually exists.


Anonymous said...

Any local rumors about the next coach?

Anonymous said...

Scratch another player. Dickerson is now reported as transferring by Verbal Commitments.

Orange said...

I did see that about Dickerson, but no confirmation elsewhere.

Orange said...

In fact, Dickerson has the same deal. Permission to contact...BGSU was on reporting that no players have asked for a release at this point. Same would apply to the Spencer Parker "reports"

Anonymous said...

The handling of this entire process has been abysmal. Kingston has set the program back years.

Orange said...

I'm reserving judgment until we see how it turns out. He is accountable for the results, to be sure.