Monday, April 06, 2015

Malik Brown: One last note on the Saturday scrimmage

From the Blade, here's a report on Saturday's football scrimmage.  I already noted the Bryan Thomas news--which is really good--and the Georgia Tech transfer. The other news from the scrimmage is that Malik Brown picked up a couple of sacks.

Malik Brown, if you recall, is the transfer from Tennessee who was declared eligible early in last season, causing a mini-eruption of excitement within the Falcon Nation.  He played here and there but didn't make any real contributions, so it is good to see him getting involved this year.

The defense can certainly use it.  With Brown, Thomas and Colvin back on the line, the team can look to them to help solidify a team facing heavy graduation losses and a new system.  Losses were especially heavy in the backfield, which would be greatly helped if BG was generating a pass rush without blitzing, and those guys listed above would be key in that effort.

One other note on Brown.  I think we all expected him to jump right in and contribute.  As we get more and more transfers, it is worth tempering the short-term expectations of guys who have been sitting out and have not played competitively, sometimes for years...and who we only have HS resumes to work off.  Doesn't mean they won't turn into players, just might take a little longer than anticipated.

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