Monday, March 30, 2015

Orr and the 30-second clock

A few basketball notes.

First, Chauncey Orr has transferred to Hawaii Pacific.  That's a DII school so he is eligible right away., which was pretty much his only option since he already sat out most of this year.  I know we all respected Chauncey's effort to stay with the program after his Dad's contract was not renewed.  Even though it didn't last, he tried to do something 99% of people would not have tried and it was far from the path of least resistance.  I wish him nothing but the best.  Also, he picked a major upgrade in weather.

With Orr's departure and assuming no others, BG has 4 scholarships available.  Three are signed already and that would leave one, assuming a walk-on doesn't get one.  It would be my guess that won't happen and BG will bring in a JUCO inside player to fill in where BG appears to have a big hole for next year.

FWIW, the rumors are hot that Wichita State's Gregg Marshall will go elsewhere, Texas or Alabama.  The Shocker fanbase is already banging the Twitter drum to bring Jans back to Kansas.

Second, on the 30-second shot clock experiment, I thought it was pretty much a non-issue.  I would expect the NCAA to adopt it.  Now, when I say a non-issue...BG and Canisius had a 65 possession game which is almost exactly what both teams averaged during the year with a 35 second clock.  The St. Francis game went at 60 possessions, which is actually less than normal.

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