Thursday, March 12, 2015

CIT Pairing....that was fast

Why wait until Selection Sunday to start to line up your bracket.  You might not know who is going in but you know some teams who aren't.

The CIT is the tournament and is a 32-team tourney open only to teams not in a major conference.  I believe...though I can't find anything about it...that teams pay to play at home.

The CIT will use a 30-second shot clock in 2015.

BG will open the CIT @ St. Francis (PA), located in Loretto, PA, which is between Altoona and Johnstown.

They're in the Northeast Conference, where they were 16-15 and 9-9.  Their RPI was 181 and they had a strength of schedule of 227.

Their nickname?  The Red Flash.

They lost to UC and Texas in the pre-season.  Their biggest win was over Albany, with an RPI of 112.  More to come on the Red Flash.

The last post-season game BG won was 1975 in the short-lived National Commissioners Invitational Tournament.  BG beat Tennessee.

Since then BG has lost to:

1975  Drake (NCIT)
1980 Minnesota (NIT)
1983 MSU (NIT)
1990 UC (NIT)
1991 Wisconsin (NIT)
1997 WVU (NIT)
2000 BYU (NIT)
2002 Butler (NIT)
2009 Creighton (NIT)
2012 Oakland (CIT)

Note that exccept for the NCIT games, all of those games were on the road, as this one will be.  Even so, BG has not been able to break its NCAA drought but how about breaking that 40 year post-season drought?  This seems like a pretty good opportunity to do that.


WatchThis said...

Love the blog! I really enjoy your commentary on all things Falcon Athletics.
Thank goodness we get to travel. I'm not sure I could have taken the embarrassment that is our crowd presence. As a BG Alum class of '11, the students always used to say "I would go to BG games...if they had a good team". Well, what was the excuse this year? The Stroh is a great arena and its INSIDE; so the old "its too cold" excuse used for football games does not apply. I only ask because I just feel so sorry for our team. They deserved so much better than what they got from the students this year. It hurts my heart to know that they had to pass out candy and fliers to entice people to come to games down the stretch. Hard not to think that a solid crowd presence would have translated to a 3 point home court advantage...would've made the difference in the last Kent game. Why the crappy student turnout this year?

Orange said...

Thanks for reading. The crowd issues were not just with students, but with faculty and community members too. I am not sure what the answer is. I expected to see ou crowds increase as the season went on. All I know is that at one time BG basketball was part of the culture of the school and the town. People just went. You saw everybody you knew there. Not like that now. And I did feel bad for our guys who deserved to play in front of bigger crowds. Not sure what the answer is. For non-students, I think that the Stroh is perceived as being too expensive and not fan friendly, based on some things that were done when it opened.