Saturday, August 24, 2013

Urban on BG....

Dave Briggs on the Blade had a chance to catch up with Urban Meyer and talk with him abut his years in BG.  I know we had kind of a messy break up with him, but I've let that go and now I think it is good to remember that for those two years, we had someone unique and special at BG.

In the article, he says he keeps more in touch with his first BG team than any other team, has a picture of the goalposts coming down after the 56-21 ROCKET BEATDOWN and puts it up in every new house, helped players with their stats exam, refers to BG as a "magnet" should check it out, it is a really good profile and worth reading.

And yes, I know Meyer has a reputation for having a casual relationship with facts...when you focus on the bigger picture behind what he says and not what actual order he puts pictures up when he moves, I do think you good a pretty good idea of what the story is about.

Lastly, I think big time football has changed him...maybe for the good, maybe for the bad.

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