Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bowling Madness Continues, MAC continues to "benefit"

So more bowl news...I saw on Hustle Belt last night that Brett McMurphy of ESPN has reported that there will be new bowl in the Bahamas starting in 2014.  It will feature C-USA and is expected to include the MAC as the primary opponent.  This is a good tie-in for us as a game...I have a hard time seeing the game in the Bahamas be a big success, but who knows.  I have been wrong before.

Here's the isn't that people don't like going to the Bahamas.  They do.  The problem is that there is usually very little notice about the game and it is a high expense event.  Even if you wanted to go to the Bahamas, air travel would be costly....they might work out some cheaper rates to help for the short notice, but you'd have to get off work.  Anyway, I can't see huge crowds for this, but maybe I'm wrong.  It will help if it is after Christmas.

In other news, the Little Casear's Bowl might not be dead.  Which means, at a minimum, you have the MAC in GoDaddy, Potato, Camellia, and now possibly the Bahamas and then maybe the a Boca Raton Bowl that is floating around, too...

Anyway, two things.

First, teams are losing their ass on these games, and I know they are good for ESPN but I don't understand why more of them is good and why our schools and conferences are subsidizing ESPN.  We are cash strapped...I know we want to be on TV, but how is this sustainable?

Second, there are now 38 bowls approved for 2014, which means means 76 of the 121-125 FBS teams will be in bowl games.  I can't see how that makes any sense for anyone.  Finding bowl eligible teams is going to become laughable and it will still be a reward for players but it won't be much of an "honor."

I am happy that our guys get a chance to play again.  I just don't see it being good for anything else.

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