Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sentinel-Tribune: BG adds player

The Sentinel reports that BG has a new player in camp and possibly in uniform for the Fall.  William Houston, a RB from Dublin, is in camp as a preferred walk-on.  The article says that BG recruited him hard out of Dublin, where he had 1,100 yards+ as a senior with 12 TDs.  He's a big boy--6'0" and 262.  Obviously, he would fill a slot as a big back that BG could really use in specific situations.  He has been accepted as a student at BG.  His eligibility is being determined and Coach says he is not in great shape and doesn't know the offense.

His Father played at OSU in the 1980s.

They are assuming he will not be eligible and if he is they will correct mid-term.  We have a bunch of RBs, so reps will be an issue.  Whenever he is eligible, he could be huge for BG in short yardage sets or when BG is running the clock out, similar to the role that John Pettigrew played last year.

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