Friday, August 30, 2013

Sweet Victory: BG over Tulsa, Special Teams and the big picture.

We'll have to wait to see how the numbers shake out, but it probably was the best special teams play we have had in some time.

First of all, there was a team that made two FGs and a team that killed its momentum by missing two makeable FGs, and we're all excited to say that we were the first team this time and not the second team.

Not just that but...

  • There was a special teams TD
  • A special teams fumble recovery that was as good as a TD
  • 4 punts inside the 20 with only one touchback
  • Stopping a fake punt
  • Solid kick coverage.

It makes a huge difference.  Obviously, scoring is good...and then forcing a team to battle our defense from inside their 20 virtually guarantees they will have a hard time scoring...and none of their plays hurt us.  It was a very solid program where that has not always happened.  We dominated two of the three phases of the game and won the other one...and that's how it happened.

Who are these guys?  They deserve to celebrate and it is great to see it.  As for where we are now...the land of high expectations just got higher.  It is only one game, but I think BG is on the high end of already high expectations.  You are on the tightrope now...which is where you want to be.


joel said...

And they didn't miss am extra point! Yeah there's some sarcasm, but it's also worth mentioning...imho. Thamks for the great recap.

joel said...

And they didn't miss an extra point. While a bit of sarcasm, it infortunately is worth mentioning from a historical perspective. Great recap and spot on tegarding expectstions! Go BG!