Saturday, November 17, 2012

Senior Class Review 2012

It is senior day today at the Doyt.  This is an odd year for that.  In fact, this might be the most unusual senior day class in the history of the program.  First, there is only one 5th year senior who is playing his final game...and that's Chip Robinson, a reserve on the O-line.  If everyone is back, next year BG will have 15 5th year players on senior day, more than the total today.

That's the lack wreckage of the Brandon years.  There were simply empty recruiting classes and that's what has been at the heart of the program's struggles last year.  In fact, when you think that this year's team is 7-3 with only 4 seniors starting, then that's pretty impressive.  We have over-achieved this year, in that respect.

Beyond that, of the 11 players who will have senior day, only 6 of them were recruited on scholarship.  That is simply unbelievable.  I'd be surprised if any team in the FBS has a senior day like that.

Even beyond that, four of the players committed under Brandon and stuck with the program after the coaching change.  Only one--John Pettigrew--was a Clawson addition.

As always, we thank these players and wish them well.  They have endured some very long days on the Football field for the program we all love.  I hope they get a reward today, because they have earned our enduring respect for their commitment and perseverance.

5th year senior
Chip Robinson

Recruits who played 4 years
Chris Jones
Tim Moore
Jordon Roussos
Dwayne Woods
John Pettigrew

Walk ons
Cory Johnson
Stephen Stein
Bart Tanski

Dominique Wharton
Scott Hodges

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