Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kent State Benchmark Report

So, here are the benchmarks for the Kent State game.

There are a few things in here.  Obviously, Kent's running game was very productive and efficient.  They needed only 11 yards per point and had 7.2 yards per play.  But because of the big plays, they didn't get that many first downs and they weren't especially good on 3rd down...all of which goes to my analysis that it was the two big runs and the two turnovers that killed the Falcons.

BG's passing game showed a profile for a team getting big passing plays.  We had a low percentage of completions but a very high yards/completion.  BG was also very good on 3rd and 4th down.  What BG didn't have was a running game.  Also, BG needed 18 yards per point, which is the result of those two drives to the red zone in the 4th quarter plus the drive that led to the missed FG.

We have covered the red zone woes for the Falcons.  Kent was effective in the red zone.

Also, I think the starting point for Kent on kickoffs is important.  BG gave up great field position just to avoid having Archer get the chance to break a return. It is a calculated risk and I'm not even saying its wrong, I'm just saying that is an unseen effect of having a guy like Archer.

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