Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hurley: "I felt like I really didn't have shot."

Trent Hurley has found a home.  He's transferring to the University of Delaware.  Southeast Missouri was the expected destination, but that was because Dayne Crist was considering Delaware, but when he went to Kansas, Hurley went to Delaware, which he had visited during his original recruiting.

He had some things to say about Bowling Green.

Trent Hurley said his Bowling Green coaches told him he’d lost the starting quarterback competition because of a “gut feeling,” even though he’d been given indications he’d done enough to win the job in preseason.

Hurley completed 9 of 16 passes for 115 yards and had five carries for 31 yards last fall while backing up Matt Schilz, the Falcons’ starter in 2010 and 2011, who’ll be a junior in 2012.

“I felt like I really didn’t have a shot,” Hurley said of the quarterback competition at Bowling Green, where Schilz seemed entrenched despite Hurley’s strong performances.

Obviously these are the words of the guy who didn't have the job.  Schilz certainly did seem entrenched, that stands up to observation.  As to whether the other parts are true, they are just one man's words...they might be right, they might not.  Either way, you can't win without a QB, and the current administration has cast their lot with Schilz, and will be accountable for the results.

We covered Schilz during our post-season review.  He improved in 2011, and I hope we see him and his supporting cast continue to improve this year as the Falcons try to win the MAC Championship Game for the first time.  And we wish Trent Hurley the best at Delaware, where, according to the story, he will have competition for the starting job.

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