Saturday, December 04, 2010

Spartans and Falcons do what Spartans and Falcons do

Things went pretty much as expected in East Lansing today.  Yes, MSU had some shooting woes against our zone in the first half and only led by 6 at the break, but then discussed attacking the 2-3 zone in the locker room and shot 60% in the second half and ended up outscoring BG 49-20 and finished by nearly doubling us up 74-39.

Just to wallow a moment, the 39 points in the worst since we played ranked Temple last season and they held us to 39, and before that we hadn't scored that few since 1995.  We shot 27%, which is actually not even our worst this year, which is even sadder in its own way.

Here's the four factors, which gives you a pretty solid idea of how bad it was.

Imagine where it would have been if MSU had not made 18 turnovers. (Statistically, every turnover cost them 1.5 points).

The rebounding edge was especially one-sided. MSU led that category 51-26, which is a pretty severe disparity in a stat where a 5-rebound difference is a big deal.

Well, we didn't expect to be able to play with them. MSU is a really good basketball team and right now, we are not.

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