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ALL-MAC Teams Announced

The MAC announced their post-season awards today.....first we will take a look at how the Falcons fared, and then looked at the teams as a whole.

BG had 6 players named--though remember, the team goes 3-deep now, which it didn't until recently.  Of course, there used to be 7 teams in the confernce too.

Kamar Jorden, WR, was first-team All-MAC.
Dwayne Woods, LB, was second-team.
Bryan Wright, P, was second team
Eugene Cooper, PR, was second team.
Willie Geter, RB, was third team
Chris Jones, D-Lineman was third team.

All in all, I think this is pretty fair to our guys.  Jorden clearly had an All-MAC season and is a very good player.  The only other player I thought had a shot at first-team was Woods, but you can't argue too much with Bellore (CMU) and Mixon (Kent) behing ahead of him.  He led the conference in tackles, but we did give up a buttload of plays, too.  I think Wright was underappreciated for BG as punter this year, Cooper had a couple TDs, and Jones had some dominant weeks and certainly deserved his honor as well.  It would have been great to see Bojicic honored, but his injuries probably prevented him from showing his abilities.

I am, however, very impressed that Willie Geter was honored.  This shows a subtlety and wisdom that frankly I didn't think the voters had.  Geter did not put up great numbers, mostly because he was hampered with a poor line, but he made the most of what he was given and made some big plays on screens and receptions.  I believe he earned this honor, and I give credit to the voters for seeing behind the stats.

The big individual awards were as follows...

2010 MAC Specialty Award Winners

  • Vern Smith Leadership Award Winner: Chad Spann, Northern Illinois

  • Coach of the Year: Mike Haywood, Miami

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Chad Spann, Northern Illinois

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Roosevelt Nix, Kent State

  • Special Teams Player of the Year: Eric Page, Toledo

  • Freshman of the Year: Roosevelt Nix, Kent State

  • A couple notes here.  First, I would personally have voted for Harnish as the offensive player of the year, but it is hard to argue with Spann.  Harnish was the first-team QB.  The other ones I don't see how you can quibble with.  It should be noted that for the defensive player of the year and the freshman of the year to be the same guy is a pretty good testament to Roosevelt Nix, who is clearly a dominant player already.

    The rest of the All-MAC teams follow.

    Random note...Pierce sure was injured a lot, seems like that would hamper him on this, but it didn't.

    All-MAC First Team Offense

    Position - Name - School

    Quarterback - Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois

    Center - Scott Wedige, Northern Illinois

    Offensive Lineman - Trevor Olson, Northern Illinois

    Offensive Lineman - Colin Madison, Temple @

    Offensive Lineman - Darius Morris, Temple @

    Offensive Lineman - Joe Flading, Ohio %

    Tight End - Evan Rodriquez, Temple

    Wide Receiver - Juan Nunez, Western Michigan %&

    Wide Receiver - Eric Page, Toledo #

    Wide Receiver - Jordan White, Western Michigan

    Wide Receiver - Kamar Jorden, Bowling Green

    Running Back - Chad Spann, Northern Illinois @

    Running Back - Bernard Pierce, Temple @

    Placekicker - Trevor Cook, Miami

    All-MAC First Team Defense

    Position - Name - School

    Outside Linebacker - Adrian Robinson, Temple @

    Outside Linebacker - Matt Berning, Central Michigan

    Inside Linebacker - Nick Bellore, Central Michigan @!

    Inside Linebacker - Cobrani Mixon, Kent State @

    Down Lineman - Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple @

    Down Lineman - Roosevelt Nix, Kent State

    Down Lineman - Sean Progar, Northern Illinois

    Down Lineman - Elisha Joseph, Temple

    Defensive Back - Davonte Shannon, Buffalo @^ ~

    Defensive Back - Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple @

    Defensive Back - Domonic Cook, Buffalo

    Defensive Back - Chris Smith, Northern Illinois

    Punter - Matt Rinehart, Kent State @

    All-MAC First Team Specialists

    Position - Name - School

    Kickoff Return Specialist - Eric Page, Toledo

    Punt Return Specialist -Terrell Jackson, Buffalo

    All-MAC Second Team Offense

    Position - Name - School

    Quarterback - Zac Dysert, Miami

    Center - Colin Miller, Central Michigan #

    Offensive Lineman - Joe Pawlak, Northern Illinois

    Offensive Lineman - Brandon Brooks, Miami #

    Offensive Lineman - Jeff Maddux, Central Michigan

    Offensive Lineman - A.J. Strum, Ohio

    Tight End - Jordan Thompson, Ohio

    Wide Receiver - Armand Robinson, Miami %

    Wide Receiver - Cody Wilson, Central Michigan

    Wide Receiver - Nick Harwell, Miami

    Wide Receiver - Tyshon Goode, Kent State

    Running Back - Adonis Thomas, Toledo

    Running Back - Matt Brown, Temple

    Placekicker - Ian McGarvey, Ball State

    All-MAC Second Team Defense

    Position - Name - School

    Outside Linebacker - Archie Donald, Toledo %

    Outside Linebacker - Robert Eddins, Ball State #

    Inside Linebacker - Elijah 'Peanut' Joseph, Temple @

    Inside Linebacker - Dwayne Woods, Bowling Green

    Down Lineman - Stafford Gatling, Ohio

    Down Lineman - Austin Brown, Miami

    Down Lineman - Shawn Lemon, Akron

    Down Lineman - Jake Coffman, Northern Illinois #

    Defensive Back - Steven Jackson, Ohio

    Defensive Back - Donovan Fletcher, Ohio

    Defensive Back - Brian Lainhart, Kent State @!

    Defensive Back - Sean Baker, Ball State

    Punter - Bryan Wright, Bowling Green

    All-MAC Second Team Specialists

    Position - Name - School

    Kickoff Return Specialist - Eric Williams, Ball State

    Punt Return Specialist - Eugene Cooper, Bowling Green

    All-MAC Third Team Offense

    Position - Name - School

    Quarterback - Alex Carder, Western Michigan

    Center - Chris Anzevino, Kent State

    Offensive Lineman - Michael Switzer, Ball State

    Offensive Lineman - Mike VanDerMeulen, Toledo

    Offensive Lineman - Brian Winters, Kent State

    Offensive Lineman - Bob Gulley, Miami

    Tight End - Jason Schepler, Northern Illinois

    Wide Receiver - Michael Campbell, Temple

    Wide Receiver - Sam Kirkland, Kent State

    Wide Receiver - Landon Cox, Northern Illinois

    Wide Receiver - Terrence McCrae, Ohio

    Running Back - Eric Williams, Ball State

    Running Back - Willie Geter, Bowling Green

    Placekicker - John Potter, Western Michigan

    All-MAC Third Team Defense

    Position - Name - School

    Outside Linebacker - Alex Kube, Northern Illinois

    Outside Linebacker - Dorian Wood, Kent State

    Inside Linebacker - Devon Butler, Northern Illinois

    Inside Linebacker - Dan Molls, Toledo

    Down Lineman - Sean Murnane, Central Michigan %&

    Down Lineman - Paul Hazel, Western Michigan

    Down Lineman - Chris Jones, Bowling Green

    Down Lineman - T.J. Fatinikun, Toledo

    Defensive Back - Jahleel Addae, Central Michigan

    Defensive Back - Vince Agnew, Central Michigan

    Defensive Back - Jason Pinkston, Ball State

    Defensive Back - Jamail Berry, Western Michigan

    Punter - Zac Murphy, Miami

    All-MAC Third Team Specialists

    Position - Name - School

    Kickoff Return Specialist - Tommy Davis, Northern Illinois %

    Punt Return Specialist - Cody Wilson, Central Michigan

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