Thursday, November 04, 2010

MAC Blogger answers.

I. Northern Illinois has maintained steam from the primordial ooze of preseason rankings, while the Ohio Bobcat are building steam and look like they could make a return trip to Detroit. With only a handful of games left, which teams do you foresee playing in Detroit?

I still think it will be NIU and Temple.  NIU is very tough to beat in big games in DeKalb, and the Rockets are without their starting QB.  And, I think the Temple will win the game against OU at the Linc, returning the favor for last year's defeat.  OU's run is impressive, especially given the injuries they had to very good players.

II. Since it is my turn this week, I would like to bring my fellow knights a problem which has vexed both peasant and gentry class alike in Mt. Pleasant.

"Dust thou thinkest that Sir. Dan Enos should be banished from the goodly folk of Mt. Pleasant for his blackguard performance and 2 - 7 record thus far? There is much talk in all reaches of the Central Michigan Kingdom that he has squandered our season with a playbook so bad it must be from France! What say you!"

I sayeth that Sir Dan must not be banished from the Kingdom despite the pleas and entreaties from the serfs in the CM Kingdom.  While Sir Dan may not have conquered the neighboring kingdoms yet, it would seem as if the depleted forces left to him by the departed Prince Butch would indicate that additional time is needed.  As for battle tactics that rank of French or Sparty influence, canst though, CM Kingdom, not see that these tactics can as easily lead to victory?

III. If you accept the premise that the playing field in completely level in the MAC, then shouldn't long time coaches like Bill Cubit at Western Michigan and Martin at Kent State have to win a championship within 10 years or risk being fired?

I would agree that both of those coaches are on the hot seat this year and could both lose their job.  I don't know that there is an arbitrary time limit, but in both cases, I would wonder about teams that appear to be good every year and don't get over the top.

IV. Who is your front runner for MAC Coach of The Year?

I think the clear choice is Mike Haywood at Miami.  The RedHawks were dreadful two years ago, and he nursed them through last season when they were better than the results they were getting and this year he has them in the running for the East.  An excellent coaching job from a guy who appears to be a pretty good MAC Coach.

V. What is your favorite Michael J. Fox movie from his golden era of film making 1984 - 1986?

Well, it is a little out of the suggested range, but I have always been a Bright Lights, Big City guy.  Your obvious answer is back to the future.  I think Teen Wolf sucked.

VI. Rank em' from FIRST to WORST  

  1. NIU
  2. Temple
  3. UT
  4. OU
  5. Miami
  6. Kent
  7. WMU
  8. Buffalo
  9. BG
  10. Ball State
  11. EMU
  12. CMU
  13. Akron

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