Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Falcons Fall to Rockets....

There will be more later, but the 3-game winning streak came to an end in the Glass Bowl tonight as the Rockets cruised to an easy 33-14 win for the Peace Pipe.  The Rockets came out on fire and took a 19-0 lead and BG could not come back from the shock and awe of the first 7 minutes or so.  The Falcons didn't quit and did improve as time went on.  After going the first quarter without one first down, the offense did move the ball at least a  little and the defense at least kept the ball in front of them most of the way.

If you want a key play, it is Adonis Thomas ripping an 81 yard TD return right after BG got their first TD. That really kept the game in the Rockets hands.

BG made too many mistakes, with turnovers and some key open field missed tackles.  The Rockets were the clear better team out there tonight.  We'll get a chance to rewrite that script next year.

Something for the to do list is to figure out how to handle Eric Page.  We had no answer for him tonight.

Good night....

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