Sunday, November 28, 2010

Falcons Lose to Titans---Growing up?

The Falcons dropped another one at Calihan Hall tonight...not much information out yet, but some quick impressions on the game.

Coach Orr said after the game that we might have grown up a little tonight.  We didn't play well enough to win, but we did give him longer stretches of what he wants to see than we have been.  He also said that we have guys who are trying to find their way and their role on the floor.

That was the impression I came away with pretty strongly.  For long stretches, especially in the first half,  this was team that had no idea what it was doing with the ball.  Coach kept shuttling guys in and out, but no one seemed to want to attack the basket and we absolutely could not shake free against the Detroit defense.

Eventually, it did turn around and we did score.  The biggest individual story was Dee Brown, who had a career high 22 points in front of his hometown fans.  A lot of them were sitting around me, and they were very proud of him and rightly so.

There were a couple of other nice stories.  Torian Oglesby had a good game for the second game in a row.  He's a lot more athletic than I anticipated and can really get up in the air.  I think he is making good use of his minutes.  And then Mike Dabney, walk-on, came in and gave some real energy and some spirited minutes against what is a very big Detroit team.

We certainly had plenty of other guys who struggled.  We did fight and stay in the game, however, and really, from the time when Detroit scored the first 8 points, the game was even.  We even did a little bit of running, though it seemed like we missed chances to advance the ball with passes to players with a lane to the basket.

More tomorrow when there is more information.  BG plays Albany tomorrow at 3.

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