Sunday, September 06, 2009

Rough Day, MAC Wise

Not such a good Saturday for the MAC. Buffalo was the only winner, beating UTEP on the road, and even in that case, UTEP completed a hail mary into the end zone only to have it called back by a holding penalty, continuing Buffalo's charmed relationship with miracle finishes.

NIU also turned in a credible performance at Camp Randall, rallying nicely against the Badgers before falling short.

Beyond that....not so much. An average Purdue team smoked the Rockets and CMU appeared to lay a huge egg against Arizona, a game some people thought they could win.

Worse yet, EMU lost AT HOME to Army (sadly, no matter how much you think EMU can turn it around, the always end up being, you know, EMU).

I thought Ohio could beat UConn in Athens but they didn't. (There is an argument to be made that we play so many of these games on the road that it is unreasonable to expect success. Then there is this.)

An average Kentucky team completely drilled Miami on a neutral field.

Finally, WMU became the first victim in the Richrod redemption story, as the Wolverines completely exposed the Bronco defense (which was always suspect) and the Bronco offense (which was not).

In all, only two non-BCS teams beat a BCS team so far this weekend.....and those were Boise and BYU.

I know that is is the conference season that matters, etc. But, there was a day when our conference specialized in the occasional upset.

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