Thursday, June 12, 2008

Men's Sports Show Improvement in Reese Cup

After finishing last in the Reese Cup (overall standings for all men's sports) for the last two years, the Falcon Nation was pretty restless. There's simply no reason for us to be last!

And, this year, we finally climbed out of the cellar. EMU won, but powered by football and baseball, we found our way to eighth place in our 12 team conference. (One sport teams like Temple and Hardwick (men's soccer, who knew?)) are not counted.

EMU has lousy football and its men's basketball has been poor since Ben Braun left, but they are strong across the board in their men's sports, largely swimming, cross country and track. Those guys are every bit the committed athletes that the players in the high visibility sports are.

So, its a start. 8th is still not what we expect, but its a step in the right direction.

(The women finished ninth afer a second place finish last year.)

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