Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Team Orr Continues to Come Together

Coach Orr is continuing to assemble his team to coach at BGSU. First, he has kept LaMonta Stone on board. LaMonta is popular in the Falcon Nation, and we're glad to see him stay on. He has great recruiting connections in Detroit, and that's obviously the source of some great MAC ballplayers.

The other new assistant is George Jackson, who coached with Orr at Seton Hall and was a highly successful HS coach in Cincy @ Withrow High. He was more than 300 games in 20 seasons as head coach. I think he can coach--and, of course, he has great connections in another major metro area in our region.

Every coach has this guy--and they should. This is the guy Orr trusts to help him keep the train running on time. I'm thrilled to have him at BGSU along with Coach Stone.

The third guy will be hired in a month or so. Right now, they have a big enough staff to get the job done.

Of course, there are two scholarships to be given, (maybe three). The next thing the nation is watching for is a true, honest to goodness PG...probably JUCO.

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