Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OH, the rapture. Spring Depth chart is out....mmmmmmmmm

Geeks of the Falcon Nation, heads up! The Spring Depth chart is out. After a long winter and a week or so of Spring ball, here's the first look at what is up for 2007. Calm sense of well-being, wallowing waist deep in spring-fed minutiae.

OK, there are some changes. Nothing too earth-shattering, but some changes have been made.

  • First, Coach has already said that all the jobs are open. So, the fact that the 1st string QB is Anthony Turner (r-Jr), -or- Tyler Sheehan (So) isn't a surprise. Or is it?
  • As reported earlier, Sean O'Drobinak (5-Sr) has moved to the D-line. We had heard he was at DE, but the depth chart shows Sean at D-Tackle weighing in at 270 pounds. (Exactly what he was listed on the chart for last year's UT game, conspiracy theorists). He's taking the spot Brad Williams held until he graduated.
  • Brady Mintun (r-so) was the second stringer there last season, but apparently he never had the makings of a varsity d-tackle (name the pop culture reference), because he is now backup LG.
  • Brandon Curtis (r-Jr) has jumped from off the chart to RG, where he is starting. (Brandon switched to Oline from Dline before last season).
  • What happened at Guard? Well, both Markray and Lanning graduated. Shane Steffey (r-so) moved up from #2 to #1 at LG, and Andrew Stanford has disappeared from the depth chart at RG (Hence Curtis).
  • Other O-line starters...Drew Nystrom (5-Sr) is back, and starting at LT. Block o' Granite Kory Lichtensteiger (5-Sr) is back at C, and Kevin Huselman (5-Sr) is back at RT. There was some movement on the back ups. Jeff Fink (r-Jr) moved from LT to RG (#2), and Brandon Mack (Sr) moved to Oline from Dline, and is back up at RT.
  • With O'Drobinak now on defense, Jimmy Sheidler (r-So) is now starting at TE...when we use one. (He was back up last season).
  • To round out the offense, starting WRs are Barnes (r-So), Corey Partridge (r-Jr), Marques Parks (comeback kid, hope he is healthy, we can use this guy, R-JR), and Kelvin Davis (R- Fr.) The only real surprise here is Davis, who wasn't on the 2-deep at the end of last season. Back ups are Zach Charles (So, a little set back for the next Charles Sharon), Ty Pronty (So), Calvin Wiley (r-so, moved from backup S), Chris Wright (R-So).
  • The fullback is Pete Winovich (Sr), with former LB Nick Lawrence backing him up (r-so.)
  • Finally, TB. The official chart shows it Bullock (r-So), Macon (5-Sr), and Eric Ransom (Jr). I believe it is safe to say that the Falcon Nation thinks that is downplaying the role Ransom will have.
  • On the line, Diryal Briggs (r-Jr) steps up to take the DE position held by Devon Parks. At the other end is Jacob Hardwick, (R-so) who is moving outside from starting NG. I think it is safe to say that the Nation has high, high hopes pinned on watching Briggs charge around the end to the QB this year.
  • Adrian Baker (R-JR), who was a reserve LB is now backing Briggs up, and Angelo Magnon (r-FR) is backing up Hardwick, filling the space created by Thomas James transferring.
  • Inside, Michael Ream (r-Fr) has moved up from backup NG to start. R-FR Orlando Barrow will back him up. So DJ Young, who was injured last year, is backing O'Drobinak up.
  • Now to the much maligned LBs. Terrel White, our best LB, who played MLB, graduated. They moved John Haneline (R-so) to the MLB, Erique Dozier (r-Jr) will start at SAM, as he did last year, and Loren Hargrove (5-sr) will play the weakside, where he backed up last year. JUCO transfer Jerrson Davis will back up at SAM, Cody Basler (R-So) will back up at MLB again, and Lewis Parks (r-FR) is introduced to the two-deep at Will.
  • (I wince when I look at that. I'm not sure Hargrove is a pure LB, though I like Dozier. I don't know what to make of Haneline).
  • In the backfield, stability reigns! Corners Smith (Jr) and Lewis (Jr), and Safeties Sanderson (So) and Brown (So) are all in the same place as last year. Their backups are also the same (Corners Tarrell Lewis--so--and Corner, So, and safety PJ Mahone (So). The only new face is Calvin Marshall (rr-fr) behind Brown, who is taking the place Calvin Wiley used to hold.
  • Of course, the K and punters are new JUCO transfers.

So, what does that all mean. Frankly, this much shifting and movement is very typical. I'd like to think O'Drobinak wasn't a desperation move, but I will have to be convinced. We'll start only four seniors on offense (three if you don't count Winovich), and 3 of those are on the line. We're still young. Yet, with game experience, a healthy Marques Park giving us three solid receivers and QBs with some additional seasoning, I hope we can score again.

On defense, the backfield is a strength. I worry (see above) about the linebacks and D-line. We project starting only two seniors on defense, and one of them is O-Drobinak. The defense remains very, very young, if a little more experienced.

Ahhh. Now doesn't that feel better?

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