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Don't forget football

Yes, we use all kinds of balls, and spring practice is still going on for the one that is funny shaped.

Jack Carle had this story after Coach Brandon's Spring Presser.

Here's the official transcript of the Spring Presser, as released by BGSU. I have inserted snarky, uninformed, and unhelpful comments along the way in Orange.

Gregg Brandon Spring Football Press Conference

April 5, 2007

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio - Head football coach Gregg Brandon met with members of the media to discuss the team's progress as Spring football drills continue.

On Spring drills thus far
New coaches have come in, and you can just tell those kids are like "I got a new coach I better be going hard." (Maybe half the staff should have left two seasons ago). That the reason why our defense dominated the scrimmage on Saturday. Our offensive was all over the place, and while that's not a good thing I would rather have it that way now so we can work out the bugs. (This is one of those ying/yang deals where when one unit stands out, the other doesn't, and you don't know who is good and who sucks. Wouldn't it be just as good if the offense kicked the defense's butt and we worked THOSE bugs out? I worry about the offense. And hey, don't we have new coaches on offense, too?). We are also giving three quarterbacks reps, and playing a lot of different guys at receiver. We are giving them a lot on their plate, and they are struggling sometimes to execute because of that. I am just going to keep pouring it on them in hopes to find out who can handle it.

On position change for Sean O'Drobinak
We wanted to give him a chance to play more and get on the field seeing as we don't use the tight end position that much. He's a good athlete and veteran kid, and I'll tell you what, after six practices he can play on the defensive line and that's exciting. To me, spring is the time to tweak some things with the roster or make some moves to see if a kid can do something. If we need to, we can always move him back to tight end and he will step right back in the fall without missing a beat. He is going to help us on defense and be a player there.

He was a bit surprised when we asked him to move to the defensive line (I'll bet he was) because he is a little bit out of his comfort zone, but like I said, he is a veteran guy. Sean is doing a nice job in there. He has the size and quickness plus he can run because he is athletic. That is the type of player we need in there.

I first wanted to see if he could play defense and I knew he could because he played some in high school. He is a good enough athlete so I think he that he has been able to earn a starting job on the dept chart right now.

On the relationship between Coach Mike Ward and Sean O'Drobinak
Having him coach the defensive line has really helped Sean, no question. Mike recruited Sean, so he has known that kid since he came into the program. I think that has helped make this a very easy transition for him.

On Shane Steffy and Brandon Curtis's depth chart positions on the offensive line
Right now Brandon Curtis and Pat Waston are playing center for two reasons. First is Kory Lichtensteiger is not playing and second, we need to find Kory's backup. Both of these guys will get a chance to compete in the fall for guard. Steffy is also competing, so there are three guys we have in mind. Brady Minturn is a kid we moved from defense that's in the offensive line mix who is also doing a nice job too. We are also going to play Mack at guard too. (We have an experienced line and I think it has the potential to help carry the team. We have had consistent line play--above every position--during the entire Brandon/Meyer era).

On the Receivers
He has moved right up here to the top of the depth chart (I have no idea who this is referring to). Kelvin Davis, Zach Charles, and Freddy Barnes are doing their part to get ready for fall and are having a nice spring so far. Marques Parks is also doing a good job. Although he has had to battle back from breaking his leg, I think he is having the kind of spring that he needs to have.

On Nick Lawrence as a fullback
I think defensively we have recruited more speed and if anything Nick is probably a guy that could maybe play defensive line for us down the road some day. Right now, he is working on fullback because we have improved our athleticism defensively and we have to play all the guys that can run.

On standouts who have caught the coaching staffs eye
The defensive line has really shown up this spring. (They're going to need to if we're moving TEs over to D-Tackle.) I think Jacob Hardwick and Trevor Frericks are just getting better and better.

The secondary is playing well; those guys are all athletic kids that have all got Baptism by fire last year. They have learned from that and are doing a nice job that way. The four starters in the back are playing well together. Kenny Lewis and Antonio Smith are playing really well in the corner right now. Jahmal Brown and P.J. Mahone are doing a nice job at safety too. Despite their youth Tarell Lewis and Vincent Corner both played last year and now that experience is showing up and they're doing a nice job. Jerrett Sanderson is a year better now too. That's a pretty good group.

On Quarterbacks
It is a three horse race right now. We have been trying to get each one the same amount of reps, with the same people. We chart every throw in practice, so we can measure their progress and have some tangible data. We have tried to get them to do the same plays, so we can make it as objective as possible. In that position however, there is a lot that goes into decision making because you don't want to have someone who just goes through the motions. We want a guy who can be a leader, and make good throws and decisions. (This is really good news. We absolutely must get consistent play at QB this year. Earlier in the Spring Coach said we needed 65% completions to move the ball. I think AT was coming along late last year and will when the job, but I love to see the competition. If Sheehan (or Glaud, see below) are better, than let's get them in the game. With an experienced line and the additional of Eric Ransom, we can put the octane back in the attack).

Anthony Glaud did not compete last year but, he really wants it. (I assume that means that he didn't play--which is a fact--and not that he didn't show up). He is a great team guy who really loves Bowling Green. He is a talented player who just needs tons and tons of reps.

On Jimmy Scheidler

Jimmy has done well for us. We are playing more the moving UH back type guy, which we used that quite a bit last year. Jimmy can do that. He can also line-up in an attached tight end. I like standing him up and flexing him out a bit, because now that's a big guy in the box working a release. He can get open over the middle with some crossing routs, and he is athletic enough to do that. That will make him harder to cover because; you are going to have to put a bigger body on him. (But, we don't use a TE that much?)

On Chris Bullock
Chris has been ok. (That's kind of an odd statement. I guess it would all depend on the inflection. Is it "Chris has been, O-K" or "Chris has been OK!)? I think Eric Ransom has got Chris's attention. That's the whole thing we needed to create, was competition. Competition is going on in a lot of positions, and that's really been good a good thing. Chris needs to become an everyday player. He is a talented guy, who has already demonstrated that he can run the ball in this league. He has just got to take it to the next level.

On the kicking game
I think I really like the punter we signed, Nick Iovinelli, he is really good and going to help us out in that position. The kicker also, Sinisa Vrvilo, he has been great so far with field goals and extra points, and that's such a breath of fresh air after what we went through last year. It's been huge to have two guys who can kick and punt. You can just see that the team has noticed that too, the tempo is better. I like our defensive energy. (Well, we need some defensive energy. As I mentioned in the depth chart review, the backfield is a strength (see above), and Coach says the line is practicing well. No mention anywhere in the presser of the D. If we can move the ball like I hope we can, and we can get off the field once in a while, maybe we can turn this around).

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