Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AyZiggyZoomBlog links to great new site

One of the posters at the AyZiggyZoomBlog, and a frequent commenter here, has created a great database of Falcon Football results. Warm and safe feelings invade as the Nation wallows in the thick, fragrant detail...

Note, if you will, this:

Games: 832
Record: 469-311-52 (252-112-27 at home)
MAC Record: 232-142-13
BGSU points: 16713 (20.0877 points/game)
Opponent points: 13647 (16.4026 points/game)

Pretty dang good, if you ask me. Hopefully, we can hit 500 wins in about three seasons--or at least four.

One thing I looked up was the result from my very first Falcon game, which was a game my Dad took me to on November 13, 1971. We played Xavier--and we lost 42-27.

Xavier no longer plays football.

There's tons of great data here--including record by month. (Hint, we have a winning record in every month of the year).

Bookmark this site, FalconNation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks O&B!

It was a little monotonous getting all the info in place, but hopefully I can do some even cooler things with it now that it's in the database. It was really fun to get done and see all the math come out! :)

Terry said...

My first Falcon game:

Sept. 11, 2004
v. Southeast Missouri
Win: 49-10

There were only 3 games that season in which we scored less than 40 points, many of them by air.
Those were the days. :)

(Of course, we also had 5 games where we allowed 30+ points, but who's counting?)