Saturday, October 29, 2005

Reds decline options on Ortiz and Aurilia

Marc Lancaster of the Post has the news that the Reds have declined options on Ortiz and Aurilia. Ortiz is a no-brainer, and I don't think anyone expected to see him back next year in our uniform, although he will find Major League work. Aurilia might be back at a lower figure.

You know, lots of energy was spent bashing Aurilia, but as a utility IF, there's a role for a guy like him on a big league club. If he's your starter 120 times, you have problems, but you can do worse. And, I don't think he will get a starting job, like he hopes.

Update: Marc Lancaster ran Aurilia down when he was done carving pumpkins with his kids. He's happy with the situation...he can stay in Cincy if it works out, and if he gets a better deal, he can go, too. Marc thinks he will not end up back in Cincy.

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