Friday, October 28, 2005

Interesting Game with Zips

I might have said earlier that tomorrow's game with the Zips is one I expect to be interesting. On paper, we should be much better than their team, but we're hurt and playing very badly. On the other hand, so is Akron, who have been outscored 41-0 over their last five quarters.

I spent some time looking over the Zips this week. It would appear, in general, that we match up well with the Zips. My worst nightmare at this juncture would be to be facing a TB-pitch sweep team like NIU, but that's not Akron. In fact, they are second to last in the MAC in rushing, and are averaging less than 100 yards per game (88.1). Now, that doesn't mean that we can't give up 150 rushing yards to this team, because we can. But they're more in the throwing mode. They have 207 rushing plays and have tried 307 passes, so they are more in our mold.

Their fans (based on their message board) are down on their QB. His numbers are not spectacular--50.8% completions, 12 TDs and 9 INTS, and a QB rating of 108.75. They must go down field pretty consistently. Domenik Hixon is their top receiver.

They are hardly an offensive juggernaut. They are 8th in scoring in the MAC. They were shutout by Army--at the Rubber Bowl. They are third in pass offense, and last in turnover margin, at -8 for the season (BG is +3).

On defense, they rank near us in many different categories. They have allowed 29.6 points/game, while we have allowed 29.7. They are third in the MAC in sacks, fourth in rush defense and seventh in pass defense.

Long story short, if our game plan is right, we should be able to move the ball on them, and they are not the kind of team that should roll right over us. We should win, but its not going to be 56-0 or anything like that.

We need everyone to play a strong game. The next three are big ones.

Nick at Vandelay says Akron is in a tailspin. They have lost three of four since beating NIU, and their win over Buffalo was 13-7.

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